Do you ever get the feeling that it's the NEWS MEDIA that's causing all the problems? I know I do!

Headlines come and never go away. Mainstream media simply changes the title and "create" fake bits. That, plus government subsidies to media, is what creates Fake News.
OVER POPULATION! Earth's Major Disease - Global Warming is a symptom, resulting in Climate Change.
If you value TRUTH you need to read more than bought and paid for Government Media. Try: REBEL NEWS and/or SPENCER FERNANDO

News/Politics CANADA

  1. 12/06/22 " Blacklock's Eviction By Police" "Parliamentary Press Gallery executives accompanied by armed police on Friday evicted Blacklock's. " - National Post
    In our opinion: Are these the actions of a free people or is it an oppressive regime silencing truth? - The Correspondent .ca

  2. 12/01/22 " Lt.-Gen. (retd) Maisonneuve: Clearing the air about my anti-woke speech before I'm completely 'cancelled'" "I have faith that we can fix what ails Canada with leadership, service, unity and courage " - Author of the article: Lt.-Gen. (retd) Michel Maisonneuve, Special to National Post

  3. 11/23/22 " Israel 'terror attack' bombing kills 16-year-old Canadian student at Jerusalem bus stop" "Coordinated twin bombings are a departure from the lower tech, more lone wolf-style attacks with which Israel has grappled in more recent years " - National Post
    In our opinion: is this, bombings, the next level when well meaning governments enforce strict gun laws? - The Correspondent .ca

  4. 10/22/22 "In Stunning Turn Of Events, Criminals Don't Seem To Be Complying With Liberal Handgun Ban" "It's almost as if lawbreakers don't go along with rules designed to restrict legal gun owners" - Spencer Fernando

  5. 10/20/22 " OPP saw no evidence Freedom Convoy posed direct threat to national security: intelligence officer" "Unilateral disarmament During cross-examinations by different parties' lawyers, Supt. Pat Morris also agreed with the assertion that intelligence he saw never pointed to extremism " - National Post

  6. 10/07/22 "Like Pacifism Prior To World War II, The Anti-Energy Movement Is Something The Western World Cannot Afford To Indulge" "Unilateral disarmament only empowers hostile nations. Weakening our energy sector does the same, allowing others to profit while we become poorer." - Spencer Fernando

  7. 10/06/22 " Canada's military chief warns China and Russia are 'at war with the West'" "Russia and China don't differentiate between peace and war and are actively seeking to challenge the West, says Gen. Wayne Eyre." - National Post

  8. 9/19/22 "Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed as a 'tone deaf embarrassment' for singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II's state funeral" - Daily Mail

  9. 7/13/22 "Ideology Above Country: Far-Left Liberal Government And Corrupted Media Have Canada On The Road To Ruin" "As we know, Canadians are being punished by a government pursuing destructive 'green policies' even in the face of a collapsing standard of living and impending economic disaster/social disorder." - National Citizens Coalition

  10. 7/12/22 "Jagmeet Singh's phony plea for competition after Rogers outage" "It'san example of what goes wrong when one company has far too much power,'said the man who has never met a government monopoly he didn't like. " - National Post

  11. 7/6/22 "Patrick Brown disqualified from Conservative leadership race" "Sources said there were serious concerns about the Brown campaign's donations and finances that are now being brought to the attention of Elections Canada " - National Post

  12. 7/5/22 "Jagmeet Singh Criticizes Liberals On Inflation, Again Forgetting That He's Keeping Them In Power" "While the price of goods grow at alarming rates - wages have only increased by 3.9 per cent. The Liberal govt has failed to support everyday Cdns with immediate action....." - Spencer Fernando

  13. 7/5/22 "The More Authoritarian Trudeau Becomes, The More The Establishment Press Will Try Projecting That Negativity Onto Poilievre." "If a politician is calling for lower taxes, enhanced individual freedom, a government focused on core tasks rather than micromanaging everything, sound money to prevent inflation from stealing your earning power, and an end to endless restrictions on freedom, there are many words that could be used to describe them." - Spencer Fernando

  14. Under Jack Layton the NDP grew to be the official opposition. Under Jagmeet Sing the NDP have become a Liberal lap dog. If you voted NDP you are now a Liberal and if you voted Liberal you are now an NDP. The Governor General is the blame for allowing this, contact the King and have a new GG appointed who will work for Canadians, all Canadians. - The Correspondent


  1. 12/04/22 "The Boy Who Lost His Family But Not His Hope" "Kolya had just turned 17 when the Russians bombed Mariupol. His parents and sisters died in the shelling, but he survived." - BBC

  2. 11/30/22 "Alzheimer's drug lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough" "The first drug to slow the destruction of the brain in Alzheimer's has been heralded as momentous." - Spiegel

  3. 11/23/22 "Walmart employee in Chesapeake, Virginia kills 6 with pistol, police say" "The Virginia shooting comes three days after a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs left five dead" - FOX News
    In our opinion: the only thing more dangerous would be to take guns from the non-criminal public. - The Correspondent .ca

  4. 10/28/22 "What next for Twitter under Elon Musk?" "A digital town square. Mr Musk addressed potential advertisers in an ......." - BBC
    In our opinion: he wants to be the Fox News of the Digital World, fair and balanced. A tough act to not be bought and paid for by government!. - The Correspondent .ca

  5. 10/20/22 "Chairman of Everything - The Omnipotence of China's Xi Jinping" "He has transformed his country into a surveillance state, isolated it from the rest of the world during the pandemic and expanded his foreign policy." - Der Spiegel

  6. 10/14/22 "Letter to the US Congress." - FOX News
    Note: In our opinion,, this should be read by anyone who values freedom. We see it being eroded not only the USA but in many free countries including Canada.

  7. 10/11/22 "Ukraine war: US condemns 'brutal' Russian strikes on Ukraine" "Russia has been widely condemned after bombarding cities across Ukraine, including launching missile strikes on the centre of Kyiv for the first time.." - The BBC

  8. 10/08/22 "Humiliating blow for Vladimir Putin as 'truck bomb' hits key Russian bridge to Crimea cutting off supply route" "A truck bomb has caused a fire and the collapse of a section of a bridge linking Russia with Crimea, damaging a key supply artery for Moscow's faltering war effort in southern Ukraine." - The Scotsman

  9. 10/07/22 "Hunter Biden could be charged with tax crimes" "The FBI has gathered enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and making a false statement to buy a gun, according to the BBC's US partner CBS News. " - BBC

  10. 10/06/22 "Thailand: Many children among dead in nursery attack" "An ex-policeman has killed at least 37 people, most of them children, in a gun and knife attack at a childcare centre in north-east Thailand." - BBC

  11. 7/13/22 "Nord Stream 1: Trudeau defends decision to return Russia-owned turbine" "He said it was a "very difficult decision" to return the Russian-owned turbine despite sanctions. Ukraine has accused Canada of wavering to Russia, but Mr Trudeau reiterated his government's support for Kyiv." - BBC

  12. 7/12/22 "Belarus launches military drills on border with Ukraine, tests troop readiness Belarus on Tuesday announced it launched military drills along its shared border with Ukraine in an effort to assess the readiness of its territorial troops," - Fox News

  13. 7/12/22 "Vladimir Putin and the G-7, Can You Speak To a War Criminal?" "Russia has tens of thousands of lives on its conscience in Ukraine, yet calls for diplomatic initiatives are growing louder in the West." - Speigel

  14. 7/8/22 "Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rushed to hospital after shooting; suspect arrested" "Abe, 67, was unconscious and in cardiac arrest, according to Japanese media outlet Kyodo News." - FOX News

  15. 7/7/22 "Police flagged Highland Park shooter 'clear and present danger' in 2019; he later cleared 4 background checks. Crimo successfully cleared four firearm purchase background checks between 2020 and 2021" - FOX News

The Correspondent Comments

Human Stupidity Should Never Be Underestimated!
You CAN'T Fix Stupid!
Over Population is the Pandemic Threatening Earth!

Life is about taking your time in a hurry!

Until the annual growth rate falls below 0 nothing will change. The larger the base the smaller the growth rate needed to impact as it has always done. Until the Population Growth number completely reverses nothing, absolutely nothing will change.
Planet Heating - no change, Global Warming - no change, Ozone Depletion - no change, Powerful Earthquakes and Storms - no change, Disease - no change and Stupidity in General - no change.
Remember a 2% growth rate when the population was One Billion meant an extra 20 million people per year. Around the year 1850.
Now the growth rate is 1.05% (2019) and the population growth is almost Eight Billion so an extra 80 million people per year.
Don't pat yourself on the back, read the two leading lines above, that is YOU! YOU are the cause and can be the cure.
- The Correspondent .CA

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Till Death Do Us Part

  1. 10/20/21: Nature's Cure - Nipah Virus
    Can you imagine the planet's corrections if 50% of the people left. Minimal human impact! Reversal of Climate Change! Reversal of Global Warming! Reversal of Food Shortages! Reversal of The Green House Effect! You may notice the key word is reversal and the result is fixing what ails the planet. - TCca
    Sources WHO and world News including CTV

  2. 09/26/21: It seems that Canadians trust Trudeau as little as they did before the election and hopefully this wasted SIX HUNDRED PLUS MILLION will drive the point home to the opposition parties.
    Other Parties beware of the company you keep.
    How many homes could that have built?
    How many mouths could that have fed?
    - TCca


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