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11/24/2019 - Bobby Hristova - National Post

"How Alberta pays Quebec's bills: Four charts that show Alberta picks up the tab"

"The nearly $240B Albertans have paid out as part of net federal fiscal transfers is more than one-and-a-half times as much as B.C. and Ontario combined. .." Read more

11/13/2019 - Chris Tomlinson - Breitbart

"Five Reasons The Canadian Left Hates Hockey Icon Don Cherry"

"While hockey icon Don Cherry was fired after leftist backlash this week, the former Coach's Corner co-host has been a thorn in the side of the Canadian left for years. .." Read more
The same type Kooks and Pinkoes would name Peterborugh Tent City or Opioids Capital of Canada.
When one voice is silenced a thousand will rise!
One has to wonder about Trudeau's black face or Mr. Dress Up and family, in India. JS

11/02/2019 - Conrad Black - National Post

"Conrad Black: With Trudeau re-elected, there are long years ahead"

"If the government does not become serious about the attraction and retention of capital, and competitive tax rates, the climate in this country will certainly change, but not meteorologically .." Read more

10/29/2019 - Conrad Black - National Post

"Conrad Black: Trudeau's hollow victory leaves the real issues facing this country unresolved"

"He won on momentum, a fading illusion of fashion, faddish platitudes and style, and no first-term accomplishments at all. .." Read more

10/29/2019 - Mark Gollom - CBC News

"5 things to know about Jason Kenney's fight over equalization"

"Alberta premier is threatening a referendum on equalization payments. .." Read more

10/26/2019 - Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun

"Ontario will champion a united Canada: Premier Doug Ford"

"Ontario needs to "step up" and help heal a country fractured after a federal election campaign, Premier Doug Ford says. .." Read more

10/16/2019 - Hollie McKay - Fox News - US

"GOP challenger files ethics complaint against Schiff for purporting to obtain compromising Trump pictures"

"A prank call by Russian deejays fished in Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., but a Republican challenging him for his House seat doesn't think the call, in which Schiff . .." Read more

10/16/2019 - Stuart Thomson - National Post

"Trudeau complains about tone, but Conservatives say polarization is coming from the Liberal campr"

"Trudeau aide Gerald Butts has attacked Scheer multiple times, once squeezing nearly half a dozen attacks and innuendos into a single tweet. .." Read more

10/13/2019 - Holly Christodoulou - Sun UK

"Super-size' class packs in SIXTY-SEVEN children with just one teacher"

"roadclyst Community Primary School in Devon has built a special room to accommodate its pupils - with an average class size of 42. .." Read more

10/11/2019 - Conrad Black - The National Post

"The Trudeau Liberals' record: four years of nothing solid"

"This is the government's record: pandering, posturing, bungling, faddishness and extravagance, and four more years of it is promised .." Read more

10/11/2019 - Brian Jean - Calgary Herald

"It's up to Ontario's voters to save Canada from Trudeau"

"When I retired from federal politics in 2014, Canada was united and .." Read more

10/08/2019 - Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun

"It's disgusting that Trudeau wanted a school strike"

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's increasingly frantic efforts to drag Ontario .." Read more

10/07/2019 - The Correspondent

Opninion by The Correspondent - English Leaders Debate

There was only one Prime Minister on that stage and his name is Andrew Scheer.

10/06/2019 - Emma Jarralt - Electric Autonomy

"Tesla acquires Canadian battery specialist, Hibar Systems"

"Tesla Inc. is expanding into Canada with the purchase of a Richmond Hill .." Read more

10/03/2019 - Keean Bexte, Rebel News

"Show me your journalism ID"

"Montreal police harass Rebel reporters, while Trudeau sneaks out back door .." Read more

10/03/2019 - Matt Gurney, National Post

"The Liberal handgun proposal is breathtakingly stupid"

"For political reasons, they felt like they had to do something. 'Do something' are the .." Read more

09/30/2019 - EDITORIAL, The Toronto Sun

"Trudeau's still stiffing us for his refugee tab"

"While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to bribe us with our own money to win .." Read more


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