Do you ever get the feeling that it's the NEWS MEDIA that's causing all the problems? I know I do!

Headlines never seem to go away. Media simply changes the title and "create" fake bits. Government Subsidies drives Fake News.
If you value TRUTH read Independent authors not paid for Government Media. Try: Rebel News and/or Spencer Fernando and/or The Batflip

News/Politics CANADA

  1. 02/26/23 "Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich on what comes next: 'It's just going to get fun now'" "" - National Post

  2. 02/25/23 "CSIS Asked Trudeau's Staff To Rescind Candidate's Nomination Over China Election Interference Concerns -- Global News Report" "A stunning new report by Global News journalist Sam Cooper alleges CSIS was so concerned China interfered to help Liberal MP ...." - Spencer Fernando

  3. 02/24/23 "Canada will send four more tanks, artillery ammunition to Ukraine, Trudeau says " "The prime minister, who met virtually with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other G7 leaders on Friday, also announced new sanctions against Russia" - National Post

  4. 02/21/23 "Covering up wasteful spending is the rule in Ottawa" "The bureaucrats claim they can't reveal who stayed in the $6,000-per-night hotel room to avoid security threats and to protect personal information. The law is clear these types of expenses don't count as personal information ..." - Toronto Sun

  5. 02/19/23 "Poilievre said China wanted Trudeau to win because "they knew that he would work for their interests, rather than Canada's interests."" "... a Globe & Mail report reveals CSIS documents show Communist China interfered in the 2021 election to help the Trudeau Liberals and defeat the Conservatives." - Spencer Fernando

  6. 02/19/23 "NP View: Canada's stubbornly unethical Liberal government" "The Trudeau Liberals have an obvious ethics problem that has expanded to nearly every corner ..." - National Post

  7. 02/16/23 "Trudeau government turns to secrecy after $6G-per-night hotel fiasco " "The Trudeau government certainly learned quickly from the mistake of releasing details of a $6,000-per-night hotel room."
    - Toronto Sun

  8. 02/14/23 "Canadian jets still waiting for advanced missiles U.S. used to destroy flying objects" "Canadian fighter jets still have not been armed with the type of missiles used by the American military to bring down four airborne objects ..."
    - Story by The Canadian Press at MSN

  9. 02/14/23 "New report predicts Canadian home prices could drop by 30% -- or more" "National home price decline is only halfway there, and could plunge more than 30 per cent from the peak by the middle of 2023, according to a report from Oxford Economics." - Toronto Star

  10. 02/13/23 "Look! Up in the sky! It's an overblown security panic!" "Unless Mars attacks, this will go down as one of the more peculiar follies to have preoccupied presidents and prime ministers in recent times" - National Post

  11. 02/12/23 "U.S. military shoots down octagonal flying object near Canadian border" "The U.S. military shot down on Sunday an octagonal object over Lake Huron near the Canadian border, U.S. officials said, the fourth object downed this month ... " - National Post

  12. 12/06/22 " Blacklock's Eviction By Police" "Parliamentary Press Gallery executives accompanied by armed police on Friday evicted Blacklock's. " - National Post
    In our opinion: Are these the actions of a free people or is it an oppressive regime silencing truth? - The Correspondent .ca


  1. 02/27/23 "Ukraine war: How Russia took the south - and then got stuck" "When Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago, one of the biggest successes they achieved initially was in southern Ukraine. Within a few days Russian troops attacking from Crimea had seized an area of Ukrainian territory bigger than Switzerland. " - BBC
    In our opinion: A VERY GOOD READ! Let's not 'Neville Chamberlain' this invasion, war. It is the real deal and a threat to the entire world. Like Chamberlain waving his agreement stating 'Peace in Our Time' and the real attacks started just a few days later. Showing fear to power let's them do whatever they wish. Examples are above but includes freezing citizen's bank accounts, using marshal law on citizens and subsidizing state run media to stop the message! Be aware and wary but never afraid. - The Correspondent .ca

  2. 02/26/23 "How Kaja Kallas Rose To Become One of Europe's Leading Voices" "Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas warned early on about the dangers presented by Vladimir Putin. She has raised the profile of her small country in other ways too." - Spiegel

  3. 02/24/23 "RAINING HELL Inside Ukraine's frontline where fighting is fiercer than ever 1 year on -- as heroes unleash hell on Wagner mercenaries" "U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday Ukraine "FIGHTING on Ukraine's frontline is fiercer than ever as Vladimir Putin's butchers face the wrath of heroic defenders." - The Sun, UK

  4. 02/21/23 "Biden says Ukraine 'stands strong' a year after Russian invasion" "U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday Ukraine "stands strong" a year after the Russian invasion and that Moscow would never defeat its neighbour" - Reuters

  5. 02/19/23 "Ukraine war: Blinken says China may give weapons to Russia" "China is considering giving Russia weapons and ammunition for the Ukraine war, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said." - BBC

  6. 02/14/23 "India and Pakistan are choking on each other's pollution" "Fixing the problem will require countries that hate each other to co-operate" - The Economist

  7. 02/13/23 "United States tells citizens: Leave Russia immediately" ",, due to the war in Ukraine and the risk of arbitrary arrest or harassment by Russian law enforcement agencies." - Reuters

  8. 02/12/23 "Steve Bannon Issues Warning to Joe Biden" "Steve Bannon, who served as an adviser to former President Donald Trump, warned President Joe Biden on Sunday about ... " - Newsweek

  9. 12/04/22 "The Boy Who Lost His Family But Not His Hope" "Kolya had just turned 17 when the Russians bombed Mariupol. His parents and sisters died in the shelling, but he survived." - BBC

  10. 11/30/22 "Alzheimer's drug lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough" "The first drug to slow the destruction of the brain in Alzheimer's has been heralded as momentous." - Spiegel

  11. 10/14/22 "Letter to the US Congress." - FOX News
    Note: In our opinion,, this should be read by anyone who values freedom. We see it being eroded not only the USA but in many free countries including Canada.

The Correspondent Comments

Human Stupidity Should Never Be Underestimated!
You CAN'T Fix Stupid!
Over Population is the Pandemic Threatening Earth!

Life is about taking your time in a hurry!

Until the annual growth rate falls below 0 nothing will change. The larger the base the smaller the growth rate needed to impact as it has always done. Until the Population Growth number completely reverses nothing, absolutely nothing will change.
Planet Heating - no change, Global Warming - no change, Ozone Depletion - no change, Powerful Earthquakes and Storms - no change, Disease - no change and Stupidity in General - no change.
Remember a 2% growth rate when the population was One Billion meant an extra 20 million people per year. Around the year 1850.
Now the growth rate is 1.05% (2019) and the population growth is almost Eight Billion so an extra 80 million people per year.
Don't pat yourself on the back, read the two leading lines above, that is YOU! YOU are the cause and can be the cure.
- The Correspondent .CA

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Till Death Do Us Part

  1. 10/20/21: Nature's Cure - Nipah Virus
    Can you imagine the planet's corrections if 50% of the people left. Minimal human impact! Reversal of Climate Change! Reversal of Global Warming! Reversal of Food Shortages! Reversal of The Green House Effect! You may notice the key word is reversal and the result is fixing what ails the planet. - TCca
    Sources WHO and world News including CTV

  2. 09/26/21: It seems that Canadians trust Trudeau as little as they did before the election and hopefully this wasted SIX HUNDRED PLUS MILLION will drive the point home to the opposition parties.
    Other Parties beware of the company you keep.
    How many homes could that have built?
    How many mouths could that have fed?
    - TCca


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