Do you ever get the feeling that it's the NEWS MEDIA that's causing all the problems? I know I do!

Headlines come and never go away. Mainstream media simply changes the title and "create" fake bits. That, plus government subsidies to media, is what creates Fake News.
News Sources we tend to trust. National Post, Associated Press, BBC, The Economist, NPR, Reuters
Sources we ignore: CBC, CNN, TASS, MSNBC ....
What should be discussed constantly is Earth's Major Disease - Over Population! - Global Warming is a symptom, resulting in Climate Change.

News/Politics CANADA

  1. "Legal victory! Calgary protest injunction challenge successful" "The Democracy Fund brought on legal eagle Chad Williamson to challenge Calgary's protest injunction - and surprise, surprise the city ended its injunction." - Rebel News

  2. "Pierre Poilievre Is Running One Of The Most In-Depth, Idea-Based Campaigns In Canadian Political History" "Contrary to claims that his campaign is 'simplistic', it is far more complex than anything we've seen in a long time." - Spencer Fernando

  3. How Many Mistakes Must Our Institutions Make Before Criticism Is 'Acceptable'?" "The effort by the elites to rally around the Bank of Canada demonstrates their fear of a real debate over the future of the country." - Spencer Fernando

  4. For The Trudeau Government, Higher Gas Prices Are A Feature, Not A Bug" " - Spencer Fernando

  5. Giving The Government Control Over Defining 'Misinformation' Will Lead To Opposition Being Branded 'Misinformation'" "We've watched how governments will abuse the power they already have. Why give them more?" - Spencer Fernando

  6. "Trump kingmaker Roger Stone is back and he's coming to Canada " Stone was just announced Monday as the "senior strategic advisor" to the Ontario Party, the province's answer to Maxime Bernier's populist People's Party of Canada." - NP

  7. TDS - Truth Derangement Syndrome
    A very liberal disease! Are you infected?
    - The Correspondent .CA

  8. Jagmeet Trudeau - Faux Prime Minister
    This happens when you're not important enough to have your vote count. Enjoy!
    - The Correspondent .CA

  9. "European MPs denounce Trudeau's handling of convoy protest after surreal speech in Brussels" "A video of both speeches have garnered over a million views each on Twitter as of Thursday afternoon" - National Post

  10. "CBC Retractions Demonstrate The Manipulative Circular Logic Behind Trudeau's Imposition Of Emergencies Act" "The government cited government-controlled CBC reports as part of their justification for imposing the act." - Spencer Fernandez

  11. "From hiding, Kyiv's first lady Olena Zelenska keeps up Ukraine's diplomacy" "'As every woman in Ukraine, now I fear for my husband. Every morning before I call him, I pray everything goes well,' Zelenska told a U.S. TV news " - National Post

  12. "Putin is surely trembling over Canada's 'convening' power" "Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, boasts of Canada's convening power. As bombs rain down, cities are pulverized, all canons of international behaviour outraged, we brag of a power to convene?" - National Post

  13. "Canadians Should Be Disturbed By Our Lack Of Military Strength" "A 'hope for the best' defense posture and settling for being a 'convening power' is incompatible with the world as it exists today." - Spencer Fernando

  14. "Rescuers search theater rubble as Russian attacks continue" "... searched for survivors Thursday in the ruins of a theater blown apart by a Russian airstrike ..., ... scores of Ukrainians across the country were killed in ferocious urban attacks on a school, a hostel and other sites. " - APnews

  15. "Liberal Government Hostility To Free Expression Will Have Severe Economic Consequences" "... creativity and innovation are essential to success. The chilling effect brought about by a government hostile to free expression will ensure that Canada falls further and further behind ..." - Spencer Fernando


  1. "Nato expansion: No set date for Finland application - minister" "US defence sources told the outlet that Sweden and Finland would be treated as de-facto members of the security alliance for the duration of the application process. " - BBC

  2. "Substack's Lulu Cheng Meservey, the Vice President of Communications, announced her company was hiring, but warn tweeted," "If you're a Twitter employee who's considering resigning because you're worried about Elon Musk pushing for less regulated speech - please do not come work here." - Fox News

  3. "Ukraine's Zelenskiy condemns 'terror' in besieged Mariupol as fighting rages" "Russian and Ukrainian forces fought for control of Mariupol on Sunday, local authorities said, while President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Russia's siege of the southern port city was "a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come" - Reuters

  4. "Zelenskiy calls for peace talks with Moscow, urges Swiss to target oligarchs" "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on Saturday for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow and also urged Switzerland to do more to crack down on Russian oligarchs who he said were helping wage war on his country with their money." - Reuters

  5. "U.S. seeks China's help to end Russia's war in Ukraine Reuters" "U.S. President Joe Biden warned China against helping Russia attack Ukraine in a video call with President Xi Jinping on Friday as concern grew over mass civilian casualties in the besieged southern port of Mariupol." - Reuters

  6. "Russia bogged down on all fronts as war on Ukraine enters fourth week" "Russian forces in Ukraine are blasting cities and killing civilians but no longer making progress, intelligence agencies say " - NP

  7. "Russia attacks theatre sheltering civilians, Ukraine says" "Ukraine has accused Russian forces of bombing a theatre where civilians were sheltering in the besieged southern city of Mariupol." - BBC

  8. "Biden calls Putin a war criminal as Russia says mission 'going to plan'" "KYIV/LVIV, Ukraine, March 16 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday called Russian leader Vladimir Putin a war criminal in comments the Kremlin said were "unforgivable" ..." - Reuters

  9. "Anyone riding e-scooter on the streets currently faces a $300 fine, six points and confiscation of the machine." "Shocking moment e-scooter rider is sent flying after being hit by car door opening suddenly - but who is in the right?" - The Sun

  10. "Top military officials continue to contradict Biden's claims about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan" "Top military officials wrapped up the second day of testimony on Capitol Hill over Joe Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal." - OANN

  11. "ELECTION: Putin's party wins election marred by FRAUD CLAIMS" - BBC

  12. "Australia has defended its decision to scrap a multi-billion dollar submarine purchase from France in favour of a new security pact with the US and UK. " - BBC

  13. "Biden orders employees of big businesses to be vaccinated or face testing" - BBC
    Click here for TCca comment.

  14. "Afghanistan: Last US military flight departs ending America's longest war ... They added that the diplomatic mission to assist those unable to leave before the deadline would continue." - BBC

The Correspondent Comments

Human Stupidity Should Never Be Underestimated!
You CAN'T Fix Stupid!
Over Population is the Pandemic Threatening Earth!

Life is about taking your time in a hurry!

Until the annual growth rate falls below 0 nothing will change. The larger the base the smaller the growth rate needed to impact as it has always done. Until the Population Growth number completely reverses nothing, absolutely nothing will change.
Planet Heating - no change, Global Warming - no change, Ozone Depletion - no change, Powerful Earthquakes and Storms - no change, Disease - no change and Stupidity in General - no change.
Remember a 2% growth rate when the population was One Billion meant an extra 20 million people per year. Around the year 1850.
Now the growth rate is 1.05% (2019) and the population growth is almost Eight Billion so an extra 80 million people per year.
Don't pat yourself on the back, read the two leading lines above, that is YOU! YOU are the cause and can be the cure.
- The Correspondent .CA

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Till Death Do Us Part

  1. 10/20/21: Nature's Cure - Nipah Virus
    Can you imagine the planet's corrections if 50% of the people left. Minimal human impact! Reversal of Climate Change! Reversal of Global Warming! Reversal of Food Shortages! Reversal of The Green House Effect! You may notice the key word is reversal and the result is fixing what ails the planet. - TCca
    Sources WHO and world News including CTV

  2. 09/26/21: It seems that Canadians trust Trudeau as little as they did before the election and hopefully this wasted SIX HUNDRED PLUS MILLION will drive the point home to the opposition parties.
    Other Parties beware of the company you keep.
    How many homes could that have built?
    How many mouths could that have fed?
    - TCca


National Post - Canada
Global News - Canada

FOX News - US
The Economist - US
Guardian - UK

Jerusalem Post - Israel
Emirate 24/7 - UAE

The Japan News - Japan
Der Spiegal - Germany
Le Parisien - France, translated

The Times of India - India
ITAR-TASS - Russia