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Do you ever get the feeling that it's the NEWS MEDIA that's causing all the problems? I know I do! The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." I'd rather drink Pepsi than the Koolaid!

Headlines come and are gone to keep the news fresh. The Correspondent will try to capture the important stories and keep them out front for a couple of weeks. Fake News has a place to be nurtured and grown when you must constantly change the content. Each heading tracks a thread - click to follow, we do not archive. Just so you know there's not much news out there unless you want to harp on Corona Virus or grouse on Donald Trump or any other hot topic.



  1. "We are one of the naturally wealthiest countries in the world, yet our standard of living is falling and we can't even vaccinate our population in a reasonable time frame" - NP

  2. "Ottawa's move to regulate video posts on YouTube and social media called 'assault' on free speech " - National Post

  3. " 'Trudeau government threatens Halifax Security Forum over proposed Taiwan award" - Politico

  4. "Canada border agents had valid interest in Huawei CFO, prosecutor tells extradition judge report" - Reuters

  5. "BIDEN admin considering FLYING Latin American MIGRANTS to states near CANADIAN BORDER: report" - FOX News

  6. "SPYING ON CITIZENS: Trudeau pays US defence contractors to spy on Rebel News " - Rebel News

  7. After regions lift restrictions Canada gains over 250,000 jobs, unemployment drops to 8.2%. - TC
    Detailed at the Financial Post

  8. "Conservative Party Hires Former Huawei Canada Vice President" - Spencer Fernando

  9. "Health Canada approves Johnson & Johnson 1-shot vaccine " - Montreal Gazette

  10. "Rex Murphy: Trudeau's all about 'jobs, jobs, jobs.' But only in Quebec " - National Post

  11. "Alek Minassian found criminally responsible for Toronto van attack, guilty on all 26 counts" - CTV

  12. "Carleton University Should Condemn Antisemitism, Take Action on Professor's Remarks" - B'nai Brith

  13. "Canada's slow-burn vaccine roll out puts pressure on Trudeau" - Reuters

  14. "So much for Trudeau and his Cabinet's commitment to human rights" - Toronto Sun

  15. "Liberals' proposed language reforms seek 'equality' of English and French in Canada" - National Post

  16. "Liberals punish law-abiding gun owners and reduce penalties for gun crimes" - Spencer Fernando



  1. "If a nation fails to imbue Citizens with a strong identity, then old identities will rise and dominate instead, creating a divided and tribalized society." - SF

  2. "IDF deception leads to massive aerial assault on Hamas's 'Metro'" - JP

  3. "Piers Morgan slams Oscars telecast as a 'howlingly dull trainwreck' amid new ratings low" - FOX News

  4. "MLB Moves All-Star Game to Colorado, Which Has Voter ID and Fewer Early Voting Days than GA" - Breitbart

  5. "MLB Moves All-Star Game to Colorado, Which Has Voter ID and Fewer Early Voting Days than GA" - Breitbart

  6. "Trump calls for MLB boycott, warns 'woke' corporations after All-Star Game pullout" - FOX News

  7. "Can we trust the WHO on COVID-19 origins? The serious flaws behind its China report " - National Post

  8. "Instead Of A Carbon Tax On Canadians, Impose 'Climate Tariffs' On China" - Spencer Fernando

  9. "Major cryptocurrency marketplace must fork over details of thousands of clients to CRA, court rules " - National Post

  10. "Elon Musk at the 'Woke' culture: a 'Battle for the Moral High Ground'. A 'Woketopia' brought on by the 'Cancel Culture'." - FOX Business

  11. "Turkey's unchecked power, a willing media, mostly run by the government, means they can shift messages relatively easily!" - JPost
    Canada see the handwriting - TC'

  12. "London mayoral candidate Laurence Fox on the right to reject a Covid jab, lifting lockdown early and 'woke' Sadiq Khan" - UK Evening Standard

  13. "'Coming 2 America' Review: A Rerun of the Original Written by Unfunny Woketards - Breitbart"

  14. "Sarkozy: Former French president sentenced to jail for corruption" - BBC News

  15. "U.S. approves 1-dose Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine" - CTV News

  16. "Anti-Trump sentiment, not science, may be behind Dems' school closures, NY Times ..." - FOX News

  17. "Coronavirus vaccine 99% effective in preventing serious disease, death" - Jerusalem Post

The most successful people on earth create jobs and opportunities for others. As a rule they have resources in many countries not just their homeland. They invest, sometimes they fail. When they invest and succeed many succeed. When they fail they lose an investment. Those with them need to take their skills, honed by failure, to other employers. You only learn something when you fail, not when you succeed. Our personal beginnings, when we learn to crawl and walk, we fail and fail again until we learn to succeed - the same is true of the successful business owner with each new venture. That's what sets them apart, they create where nothing existed and provide jobs for those who wish them.

Failure on a massive scale belongs to some governments, investors and venture capitalists. They are driven by failure and greed to ensure that whatever they touch fails. They can live on subsidies, feed from the parts and return pennies on the dollar to the real investors who were successful creators. In their wake this cabal of less than humans brings havoc and destruction, not only to the businesses they gut, but to the employees whose hopes, dreams and families are destroyed along with everything else they throw aside. These types are set apart by an inability to succeed, if they tried they'd fail and probably did in the early stages. The fear of failure is much more a driver for them than the need to succeed. They are called venture capitalists and globalists, one and the same thing.

So you ask yourself whom do you want to walk this small globe with. A builder or a destroyer. It is better to have tried than not to have tried at all. Keep a positive outlook, build when you can and walk forward with your head high when you fail. You tried, you didn't fail. You can find them out there, the successful builder will have constantly invested and the successful destroyer will finance causes that destroy what others have built and many rely on. The creator cares about you, the investor is ego driven.

You know the failures I'm talking about. They will mingle with peaceful demonstrators who are trying to correct a wrong but the joiners destroy all in sight with fire and stone. Some want to be elected so they can give freely to those who destroy, reaping benefits for themselves from the result. No sense in naming them. One needs look no further than the current leaders of some countries.

I go back to Ronald Reagan from the US and his clear thinking. "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it." Creators make it move, creators keep it moving and investors are there when the subsidies start.

So if you must hate, hate for the right reason! js - May 2, 2021

A free society's citizens have respect, empathy, diversity of opinions and backgrounds while always remembering the forgotten man and woman. The free world, since sponsoring Globalism/Socialism, is failing badly!